AOL mail is one of the longest-running mail services. It gives you some really advanced features and as a result, more and more of the mass are engaging in this mail services with each passing day. However, many AOL users face issues while using their mail account. One of the most common errors that each and every user’s face is the AOL mail error 504. Suppose, you have done some really important work with your AOL mail account but suddenly you see an error message pop up on your screen and you cannot be able to do anything with your AOL mail account.

If you face this error, then you are not alone. It is important to troubleshoot this issue. In this article, you will get all the information that will help you to overcome this AOL mail issue.

Why AOL Mail Http Error 504 Occurs?

It is essential that you should understand, why an error code 504 suddenly appears on your screen. If you are aware of those facts, then you can take precautions for the next time. Most of the time, if the web server is not working properly or if it is down, then you may see an error code 504 on your system. In the below section we have listed some of the common causes for the occurrence of this error 504 code.

Browser Error

If the web client setting such as browser are not configured properly, then this can be a valid reason for the generation of this issue.

DNS Issue

If your domain has an improper DNS setting, then domain resolution issue may occur and as a result, you may have to deal with this error issue.

Network Connectivity

If you have a bad network connection between the web server and the proxy server, then it can be responsible for the delaying response of the HTTP server. And as a result, you might face this error on your AOL account.

Web Server Is Slow

While using your AOL account if you open another web server in the background, then you AOL mail server becomes slow and for this reason, the error 504 code may appear on your screen.

Firewall Blocks

The web server firewall may contain some corrupt files with it. This corrupt files can prevent the connection between the server and your system. So, sometimes for these causes, the AOL mail server issue may be generated.

Outdated AOL Mail Account

Occasionally, this error issue 504 occurs if your AOL mail account is outdated.

Server Time Out

If the Server duration is too short, then there will be no sufficient time for the HTTP to receive the request and then pass the request to the web client.

These above some common causes for those the AOL mail server may create trouble for you. Now, you must be panic and overcome from this issue as soon as possible. In the below section, we provided some troubleshooting technique and by using those solutions you can quickly fix this error issue.

Methods You Should Try To Resolve mail AOL Com Http Error 504 Issue

Once you have identified the actual reason for this issue, then it will be easier for you to fix this issue. In the below section we provided some resolving method to fix the error issue. Watch Out;

Upgrade Your Operating System

Some basic and easy solutions you should try before going to the complicated process. So, in the beginning, you should update your Operating System. Many AOL mail user reported that they face an error code 504  issue while using they are using their AOL account. And after upgrading their usable Operating System they can access their AOL account normally. In your case, if this is the reason, then you have to update your Operating System. After that, restart your machine and in the next startup check, you can still see the error code 504 on your AOL account or not. If luck is not in your favor, then you should go for the next method.

Reset The DNS Issue

As we said earlier that if your DNS setting is not configured properly, then you have to face this error issue. In that cases, you have to reset your DNS settings and after that check, if that error code still persists on your AOL mail account or not. If the answer is yes, then you should go after the next solution.

Update Your AOL Mail Account

Updating the AOL mail account sometimes bring sufficient result for you. If your AOL mail account is quite backdated and you have not updated your account for more than two weeks, then you might deal with this trouble. So, upgrade your AOL mail account and now the AOL mail error 504 should not irritate you anymore.

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