AOL mail is the web-based email service which is used all the users. It has amazing features and with the use of it, you can easily communicate with another person anywhere in the world.  However, many users have confronted the AOL hacked and they want to solve it immediately but they are not aware of resolving this issue. If you are one of them, then follow this article carefully and learn how to fix this AOL Mail is hacked issue.

Causes Of AOL Mail Hacked Issue

It is very important that you should understand why your AOL mail is hacked. Basically, this issue appears when you open your AOL mail account in any other device and you forget to log off your account. Then, you may see that your AOL mail is hacked. In the below section, we have shared some of the common causes of this issue. Check out:  

  • When you used the insecure network, then you may face this issue.
  • Sometimes, this issue appears when you did not update the protection software
  • Moreover, if you give the week password with your AOL mail, then your AOL mail is liable to be hacked.
  • This issue occurs if any person is indulged in phishing emails so that they are deleting or stealing your important information such as your AOL mail password or bank account details.

These are the common reasons for that your AOL mail account may be hacked. So, as soon as possible you have to resolve this issue by using the easy solutions. In the below section, we have discussed some easy troubleshooting solutions that can help you to fix this issue.

Symptoms Of  AOL Mail Hacked

When your AOL mail is hacked, you can see some symptoms of it. Read the below-mentioned symptoms and check these symptoms you can see on your screen or not.

  • When your AOL mail account hacked, you can see your AOL mail password will be changed and did not Log in your account.
  • Sometimes, if your mail hack, then you can see your sent mail folder, where some messages are there that you did not send anyone.
  • Moreover, if the IP address does not match. Because of AOL mail records the IP address all time. Therefore, any third party accesses your account in another IP address that will be also recorded.

These are the main symptoms that you have to see when your AOL mail is hacked. Now, look at the resolving process in the below section.

Ultimate Solutions To Resolve AOL Mail Hacked

In order to prevent your mail account is getting hack,  go through the solutions in the below mentioned.

Change The Password

This is the first method that you should try. Many users claim that after changing their mail password, they can solve this issue. So, it is always a good idea to change your AOL password. After that, restart your device and in the next set up and check can you operate your account smoothly or not.

Check Your Settings

This is another easy solution that you can try to fix this issue. First, go through a full checkup of your mail settings. Once you have ensured that the settings are okay then again, restart your machine and check the problem is fixed.

Scan Your System  

Sometimes, scan your system can fix this issue on your system. At first, you have to full scan your system to find the virus. Once the scan is done, restart your system and check if the AOL mail opens properly without any issue.  

Turn On The Two-factor Authentication

If the above-mentioned method does not help you to fix this issue, then you can try this method to fix this issue. When you log in your AOL mail account in another device then you can get some permissions to open your account. First, you have to go to the AOL mail settings and then, go for the two-factor authentication steps to turn it on.

Now, you follow the above-mentioned methods to fix the AOL mail hacked issue. If you do not do it or you do not have any technical knowledge, then you can consult with our team of AOL Mail Technical Support.

Communicate With AOL Mail Technical Support

If you are unable to solve the issue AOL Hacked on your system, then you can follow the above-mentioned solutions. Moreover, if you do not solve this problem by using the above methods then you can contact at AOL Mail Technical Support. Our professionals are there to give you reliable services about your issue. We are available round the clock with the services. So, you can call us at +1-800-712-0806. to communicate with our experts. Moreover, you can also share your queries through our official email id [ ], where our experts are there to tell you the solutions about your issue. Also, the Live Chat option is available to talk to our experts. Our services are affordable and user-friendly. We also offer doorstep solutions. So, as early as possible pick our best services from our experts.

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