Gmail is one of the most famous email services across the globe. Basically, Google always takes inevitable actions in order to make it completely flawless. However, despite performing multiple necessary actions, occasionally, some users get stuck with certain glitches while using Gmail. One of the most frequent issues that you might come across is the Gmail error 102. Error code 102 usually comes with an error message. The message goes like “Oops..the system encountered a problem (#102)”. This kind of error occurs when the users are trying to open an email or remove/delete the older emails. Actually, this issue arises due to an abundance of causes behind this. To know it briefly, take a look below.

If you are having trouble with the same error code then, it is recommended that you need to keep reading this post till the end as here, in this post, we will discuss the possible reasons and their fixes. Besides, you can also contact our Gmail Customer support for instant help.

Brief Discussion, Why Gmail Error Code 102 Appear?

Before you move on to the troubleshooting section, you need to know the possible causes behind this error. Basically, there are a number of scenarios for which such error code occur. Therefore, here, we have enlisted some of them. Now, take a look below to determine the fundamental reasons behind this Gmail error 102:

  • Unstable Internet Connection: A poor or weak internet connection might be responsible for the Gmail error code 102.
  • Unsupported Browser: If you’re running an unsupported browser then, it might be the main cause why you’re encountering this glitch.
  • Bad Caches & Cookies In Your Browser: As we all know that cache and cookies add up to make our web surfing more pleasant. But, occasionally, those caches and cookies can cause several error codes.
  • Frequent Add-ons Or Extensions Installed In A Browser: In most cases, third-party add-ons and extension there are installed in our browsers can cause malfunctions and as a result, this kind of error can occur

Apart from these, there are some other reasons as well such as a corrupted/incomplete installation of Google Chrome. Besides, virus or malware can also play a vital role in this error. Apart from these, corrupted Windows Registry files can also lead to this Gmail error.

Common Indications Signs Of Gmail Error Code 102

  • When the error code 102 in Gmail arise, it crashes the active program window.
  • Moreover, your device frequently crashes with the error code when running a similar application.
  • Besides, over time, without any certain indications, the code 102 can arise.
  • Furthermore, your PC runs sluggishly and even responds slowly keyboard and mouse.
  • Apart from these, your PC might freeze for a fraction of seconds.

These are the most common indications that users might encounter. Now, let’s proceed to the troubleshooting section in order to fix this glitch.

Troubleshoot Gmail Error 102 In Simple Ways

Actually, there are no specific troubleshooting steps to fix this glitch. Therefore, you need to eliminate this error that are responsible for this issue. Thus, here are some generic steps that you can try when you encounter such kind of glitch.

Approach #1: Speed Up Your Internet Connections

As a primary solution, you need to make sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection. Otherwise, you can randomly get stuck with this Gmail error.

Approach #2: Clear Cache & Cookies Of Your Browser

You can resolve the Gmail error 102 by simply clearing the cache and cookies. But, in order to do this process, you can follow the on-screen instruction as this process is totally different for every browser.

Approach #3: Temporarily Disable The Antivirus Software

If you running any third-party antivirus software then you should disable it shortly. As it can conflict with your device and resulting such glitch can appear. Thus, we highly recommend disabling the security program temporarily.

Approach #: 4: Update Your Internet Browser

After disabling the security program, if the Gmail error 102 still persists, then you need to update your internet browser. To do so, go through the below instructions:

  • At first, open Google Chrome.
  • Then, go to the Settings.
  • Next, click on the About Chrome button.
  • There, if you find any update available then simply perform the action according to the on-screen instructions.

Still Facing Gmail Error 102? Get In Touch With Our Pro Technicians

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