Google enjoys immense popularity due to its reliable services. As we know, in a single place, it stores contacts, calendars, emails, tasks etc. However, several Gmail users are encountering some problems that are associated with error codes. In Google Mail, there are various error codes that appear and Gmail error 400 is the most common error that a large number of users are facing. When users try to send an email, they often get stuck with such unusual error code. Besides, when users use various Gmail accounts, they face the same error.

Therefore, if you also come across the same issue, then you have come to the right page. Here, in this post, we will discuss various simple processes for resolving it.

Causes Of Error 400 Not Found Gmail

There are multiple factors responsible for which 400 error Gmail appears. Following are the most prominent ones:

Singing With Various Gmail Accounts: In most cases, users are signed in to Gmail by using various Google accounts. As a result, they often encounter Gmail error 400.

Oversized File Attachment: Basically, Google only supports a certain file size for attachment. Thus, if the file is oversized, then such error codes can occur.

Back-End Issues In a Web Browser: From recent research, it is observed that Gmail error 400 can develop due to back-end issues in the web browser.

Incorrect Server Settings: If the server setting is not enabled correctly, then such kind of glitches can arise. Apart from these, if you unknowingly insert any non-allowed character, then it might be a cause for this issue.

Now that you are well accustomed to the root causes behind this glitch, its time to troubleshoot this error. For overcoming this technical problem, take a look at these easy fixes for resolving this matter.

Excellent Ways To Fix Gmail Error 400

Once you figure out all the reasons, fix it right away. Now, apply the below-mentioned ways in order to fix this error.

Way #1: Wrong URL

At times, unknowingly, users employ a non-allowed character or wrong URL. So, as a result, such kind of glitches can arise. Thus, you need to check if it contains wrong URLs or non-allowed-characters. If you find any unusual characters or URLs, then you need to remove them straightway.

Way #2: Clear The Browser’s Cookies

If the cookies get accumulated, then it might create this kind of issues. So, we highly recommend clearing the browser’s cookies. To perform this action, you need to click on the Settings option and then press the Tools button. After that, select the Clear Browsing Data option. Now, simply follow the further instructions in order to finish the process.

Way #3: Clear All DNS Cache

If the DNS is outdated, then it might cause this issue. Therefore, you can remove all the caches by simply following the on-screen directions.

Way #4: Clear Browser Cache And History

Moreover, you can resolve this matter by clearing all the browser’s cache and history. To do so, go to the Clear Browser data windows and hit the Advanced button. After that, select the Clear Data button and close all the browser windows. Once you are done, re-open the browser and check if the error resolves or not.

Way #5: Check The Network Connectivity

A weak internet connection might generate such errors. So, you need to check and connect your device with a strong and stable network.

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