One of the most frustrating error messages, both as a developer and as a user of a website, is a “503” error message when trying to access a website. In some of the cases, Error 503 usually refers to a problem with an Internet connection because the network is not available, usually a server problem. This means that the client requests cannot be carried out as expected.

Reasons For This Error Code 503

This error code 503 may occur for several reasons. The reasons are very common sometimes. Moreover, the server issue is the most seen problem ever. In fact, the wide variety of reasons can be a barrier to use your mail account smoothly. The reasons may be that the server cannot send the particular requested resources. When a call is made to it. Otherwise, the reasons may be that the server is under maintenance. Some hosting company is facing this issue more than others. Sometimes this issue can be very hectic.

Symptoms Of The Error Code 503

When you try to access your account from your system, then it fails to load and unable to open. You will get an error message that is ‘HTTP Error 503. The Service is unavailable’.

Possible Ways To Fix HTTP Error 503

If you are facing this problem frequently then it is necessary to fix the error as soon as possible. Here in this article, you will get to know about the easiest solutions to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer Or Router

In order to resolve the issue, the easiest solution is to turn off the system and then, turn it back on. If you are using a router for internet connection, then turn it off. You will able to shut down your system from your own. Turn off the router and unplug the power cord. Wait for a while and then, reconnect the plug and router.

Solution 2: Clean Out The Mailbox

Check out your mailbox. If your mailbox full with the message, then you might face this problem. Try to clean out the message from your inbox. To clean it, open your mailbox. And delete the unwanted message from your mail address.

Solution 3: Do Not Use Multiple Mailbox

If you are using multiple mailboxes then this error code pop-up on your system. Try to eliminate the other mailbox and fix with the default one.

Solution 4: Check Authentication Problem

After applying the above-mentioned methods, if the problem still exists on your mail account, the check ‘my server requires authentication’ option. With this setting, you can skip the above checks and send emails without having to solve your mailbox first. You can also check by changing the port.

Solution 5: Ensure That The Services Are Running Under The Local System Account

The “503 Service unavailable” error message can be displayed if the Exchange 2003 service does not run on a local system account. The service should run under the Local System Account. You have to make sure that. To check that, Open the Services. Go to the Name option. Then, search for the Microsoft Exchange Information Store and also Microsoft Exchange System Attendant. After finding the above mentioned two option follow the on-screen option.

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