Hotmail is an online free web email service. A recent survey shows that more than 120 million users are using these free web mail services. Day by day the number of people using this service is increasing for its new and updated features. So, to find an issue on this web mail server is rare. Many Hotmail users reported that, when they are trying to operate their Hotmail account, they face a common error message and that is Hotmail server error 5102. Once this error code 5102 occurs the screen, they cannot do anything with their Hotmail web account.

If you are one of them, then you might accept the fact that this error code 5102 is frustrating but most of the time, this issue can be resolved after re configuring the account settings. But, if not, then you should focus on the remaining part of the article to fix the issue.

Why Hotmail Server Error 5102 Occurs?

What happens next, if you are a new Hotmail web mail user and suddenly you see an error code 5102 on your screen? You might be confused and wanting to know more about this error code.Well, for your help we have listed some of the common causes for the occurrence of this error code 5102:

  • In case the version of your internet browser does not update to its latest version, then you may see this error 5102 code on your Hotmail web account.
  • If your network connection is not stable, then also this error 5102 may pop up on your display.
  • Sometimes, due to an outdated Operating System, you might deal with this verbal error code 5102.
  • If your system is affected by any kind of malware or harmful virus, then also you can see this error message on your screen.
  • By mistake, if you download any corrupt files on your system, this can lead towards this error code 5102.

These are some of the most top-rated causes for the generation of this error code 5102. Now, you might be afraid and want to troubleshoot this error code 5102 immediately. But, do you know the proper troubleshooting technique? If not, then have a look at the below-resolving process.

Avert The Server Error On Hotmail In Systematic Steps

Here we give out some techniques to resolve, by using these you can quickly overcome from this error code issue. Watch Out:

Check Your Network Status

This is the first step that you should try before going to the further complicated process. So, what you first need to do is go for a thoroughly check-up of your internet connection. If you are already sure that you don’t have a strong internet connection, then you have to do the needful changes or you can switch to another service provider. After that, check if the error 5102 code issue still persists on your Hotmail web service or not. If yes, we have provided another effective solution for you. Check out;

Update Your Hotmail Account

If unfortunately, the error code 5102 still shows on your display, then you have to check if your Hotmail account is updated to its latest version or not. If not, then upgrade your Hotmail account to its new version, After that, exit from your Hotmail page and restart your machine and if the error 5102 code issue still shows on your display, then go to the next method.

Disable Your Security Software

Many Hotmail users reported that they deal with this error issue. They also said that after disabling the security software which may run on the background they quickly resolve this issue. In your case, if this is the reason, then you should apply this method. And if these methods also do not bring the required solutions for you. Then try the next one.

Update Your Device Drivers

Sometimes, your device drivers may make some trouble for you. This is also an alternate idea that you should upgrade your system drives to its most recommended version. So, you should upgrade your device drivers and now the error 5102 code should not create troubles for you.

Rely On Us

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