Outlook error 0x8004010f is a popular error with the users of Outlook 2010/2013. Basically, it means that your Outlook profile gets corrupted and as a result, such kind of error code appears. This error code comes with one of two predictable error messages, either “The Operation Failed, An Object Could Not Be Found”, or “Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed”.

When the users have exported a .pst file to put into the Outlook 2010/2013, you can see this error crop up, whether it is from an older system or another circumstance. Until you fix this glitch, Outlook 2010/2013 will turn up with this error and you would not be able to send or receive any email.

If you also face the same problem, then don’t worry as you are not alone. There a number of ways to fix this glitch. Most of the users have reported that they can fix this error by simply creating a new account from scratch. Basically, when users are using various mail accounts, and it will create great trouble for the users. Thus, simply go through this post as here, in this post, we have enlisted complete details on Outlook error 0x8004010. Hence, we recommended you to stay on this page, untill the end.

When Does Outlook Error 0x8004010 Windows 10 Occur?

  • While sending or receiving any email, all of a sudden, users are getting stuck with this strange error. Actually, it is an annoying messaging application program interface error.
  • Besides, during the synchronization of an offline Address Book, such kind of error code can appear.
  • Apart from these, while downloading OAB files, this error code can crop up on your display screen.

In most cases, when users are performing a send/receive operation on a mal then this kind of error can occur. The error comes with multiple error messages. Therefore, the error message goes like:


Why Does 0x8004010f Error In Outlook Appears?

When Microsoft Outlook is connected to the Exchange server, in the Offline Storage Table (OST) file, all the data related to the emails. If the server is down, this OST file helps the user’s work to continue. In the OST temporarily the changes are reflected there and then it back the Exchange Server when the server becomes active again. There are a number of factors responsible for which such kinds of Outlook error occur. So, take a look right-below and know all the possible factors:

  • In most cases, users have reported ta their Outlook profile gets corrupted and as a result, they find suck kind of glitches.
  • Besides, If in the drive Outlook folder’s location or PST files location has been changed. Therefore, Outlook error 0x8004010f occurs.
  • There is a high chance that the OST might be damaged. For this cause, this kind of error can appear.
  • After upgrading to a newer version of Outlook, error code 0x8004010f appear.
  • Moreover, PST or te Praonel Storage Table file might be misconfigured and resulting Outlook error code 0x8004010f occurs.

Now that you are completely accustomed to the factors that are responsible for this glitch, so let’s move on to the troubleshooting section in order to fix this glitch.

Fix Error 0x8004010f In Simple Ways

Now, you know the multiple factors on which such error can appear on your Outlook, so you can proceed to the solutions. Though there is a number of ways to fix this problem, all of the solutions are not equally effective. Thus, we recommend applying al the methods in the ascending order. For that, simply have a look below:

Approach 1: Create A New Account

You can fix this Outlook error by creating a new account. To do so, go through the below instructions:

  • Primarily, you need to go to the Outlook and then hit the Accounts Settings button.
  • Then, choose the problematic account and look for the Change Folder button.
  • Now, simply enter the new name and the other details according to the on-screen directions.
  • Once you are done, hit the OK button and then go to the Data Files.
  • After that, just remove the temporary files and close all the windows.

Approach 2: Run System File Checker

After applying the above method, if you still get stuck with the same problem, then you can perform this system file checker tool that is an extremely reliable tool which is designed by Microsoft. Actually, this is the most significant solutions for this error. As his tool helps to repair the corrupted or damaged system files. In order to perform this action, simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step #1: At first, you need to press and hold the Windows logo key + S function keys simultaneously and then enter the appropriate command then hit the Enter key.

Step #2: Now, click on the Run As Administrator, then in the Command Prompt simply type the correct command.

Step #3: Then, follow further on-screen instructions in order to finish the procedure.

Step #4: Once you perform this action, simply press the Reboot button and then check, if the error gets eliminated.

Approach 3: Perform The Windows Update

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then you can try this method as it is a simple but pretty effective way to solve such error codes.

To do so, go to the Start button first and then hit the Update & Security button. Now, check for updates. At last, simply install the available update.

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