Yahoo is one of the most favorable applications in today’s world. With the Yahoo mail account, you can quickly communicate with another person who may be sitting far away from you. Beside this, you can use the Yahoo account as a messenger and many other purposes. You can rarely find any issue in the Yahoo app. But many Yahoo mail users complained that when they want to do some important work with their Yahoo mail account, they see an error code 14 suddenly shows on their machine screen. As a result, they have to stop all their important work. If you are one of the users then you might notice this issue. However, most of the time this error can be solved automatically, but if not, then you should read this article carefully which is completely based on the fix Yahoo temporary error 14 issue.

Causes Of Error code 14?

If you are a new Yahoo mail user, then you may do not know why this error 14 code suddenly pops up on your screen. Well for that, we listed some of the most common causes for which this error issue may generate on your Yahoo account. Look below;

  • When you install the Yahoo application and during the installation process if any corrupt files are downloaded by chance, then the error 14 issue may pop up on your screen
  • If you already have a Yahoo account but you do not update the account for a very long time, then the error 14 may make trouble for you
  • Sometimes, due to outdated Operating System, you can see this error code on your machine

These are some of the most common causes which may be responsible for the generation of this error code 14. Once you see this error code on your screen, then you can realize that you are unable to do anything with your Yahoo mail account.

In the below section, we described some of the most top-rated solutions that can help you to troubleshoot this error 14 issue.

How To Fix Yahoo Email Temporary Error 14?: Steps You Should Try

Have a look at the necessary solutions to fix the Yahoo mail 14 issue.

Solution 1

If you have a little bit knowledge, then you know that this error issue is temporary. So, in the beginning, you have to ensure that the issue is associated with Yahoo and you should give some time to your machine to resolve that issue automatically. If the issue does not resolve automatically, then go to the next method.

Solution 2

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection. And if you don’t have any internet issue, only after that you should go to the next solution.

Solution 3

If the error issue still persists after trying the above two solutions, then try the other solutions. And to do that ensure that you are currently using the latest version of the Yahoo app. If not, then you should upgrade it and after that, restart your machine and in case you face the same error 14 code, then have a look to the below solution

Solution 4

Check if any third party software like adds is enabled or not. If yes, then turn on your machine in the Safe mode. After that make the required changes, and then bring your machine back to the normal mode.

Solution 5

Also, check your security software. Such as firewall settings, your usable antivirus that may prevent you to open your Yahoo mail account. So, what you can do is to turn off each of the software and find which software create trouble for you

Solution 6

You can also check that if your computer is updated with the latest software and drivers. At the same time, you should scan your computer to check if your system is affected by any malware virus. Now, this error code will not appear on your screen.

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