Yahoo Mail is an extraordinary web-based email service. However, though this is so popular, it is not free from flaws. When it comes to the top ten Yahoo mail issue, Yahoo mail temporary error 1 has ranked in the top position. Once this issue occurs, then an error message saying’ UserOpenFailed’ pops up on your screen. In short, it restricts the users to access their Yahoo mail account. Fortunately, this is a  temporary error code and you can quickly get rid of this issue. What you need is to simply follow a proper strategy, that’s why we are here for you.

Now go through the passage in detail and you will get some effective solutions to eliminate this issue from your system.

Root Causes of Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 1

If you encounter this error code 1 on your system, then you might get panic and want to gather all the information about this error code. Therefore, read this article thoroughly where we have highlighted a few things about this temporary error code.’

  • In case, you are not updated your Yahoo mail account for a long time, then you may encounter this error code on your device.
  • In case, your system is affected by any virus or malware, then for this sometimes this error code might pop up on your Yahoo account and it will also block your account.
  • If you suddenly receive any huge amount of email at a time, then also this issue might irritate you.

These are some of the common causes for the occurrence of this issue. Now, you must look at the remaining part as here we have provided with some proven techniques to resolve this error code immediately.

Workable Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 1

Have a look at the popular methods which are given below to fix this Yahoo mail temporary error 1 immediately.

Method 1- Let your Computer to fix this issue Automatically

As this is a temporary issue, so if you have a little bit of technical knowledge, then we suggest you let your machine sometimes to fix this error code automatically. So, wait for sometimes and after that, reboot your machine. Then, check if you are able to open your Yahoo account without this error code or not. In case, the issue is still there, then proceed to the next method.

Method 2-  Update your Yahoo Account

If this issue is not resolved automatically, then we suggest you update your Yahoo mail account to its latest version. To update your Yahoo account, at first, you need to go to to the Play Store of your Android device. After that, search for the Yahoo mail by typing it within the search field of the Play Store. Once, you have found it, then right-click on that and thereafter, you have to read the online instructions carefully. Then, click next to continue the procedure. Finally, click on the Apply button.

Just make sure that during the updating process, you should not touch any other keys as it may stop the updating procedure. Then, exit from the page and reboot your computer. If you are still dealing with this issue, then move to the next method.

Method 3- Scan your Device

As we have mentioned earlier, sometimes you might deal with this Yahoo Mail temporary error 1, if your device is affected by any threatening files. So, it is always a good option for you to scan your computer or your Android device. During the scanning procedure if your antivirus is detected with any threaten or corrupt files, then it will automatically remove those files. Sometimes, it sends an indication that those files are corrupted and you need to remove or delete them. So, do the needful.

Finally, reboot your machine and in case, you still encounter this error code on your machine, then don’t be panic. Here is another alternative at your rescue.

Method 4- Sign out and again Sign in your Yahoo Account

A lot of users reported that while this error code occurs, they sign out from the Yahoo account. Ater that, they wait for 10 to 15 minutes and again sign in their own Yahoo mail account. So, we recommended you to try this method as sometimes a little change can make a huge difference.

Now, if you are still dealing with this trouble, then have a look at the next method.

Method 5- Try Another Computer

Sometimes, it is possible that your computer does not support the Yahoo application. If you have any alternative device, then we suggest you download and install the Yahoo account on that device. Then, check if the Yahoo mail temporary error 1 still persists on that device or not. If it is, then try the next method.

Method 6- Update your system’s OS

In case, you have already applied the above five methods, and none of them work for you, then you should update your system’s operating system to its latest version.  For updating, at first, go to the Home Page of your OS and then search for the best-recommended version of your OS, which provides you better features than the previous one. After reading the online instructions, you need to tap on the Ok button.

Make sure that you should not do any other activity while the upgrading procedure is continued. Once done, then restart your device and now this error code should not block your account.

In case, none of the above methods bring sufficient result for you, then we suggest you change your mail account. It is always a good idea to try other accounts. That’s it, We believe with the help of the above methods, you can easily fix this Yahoo mail temporary error 1 on your own. Still, if you come across this error, then contact an expert to get prominent solutions on this.