Across the globe, Gmail is considered one of the best email services introduced by Google. Today more than 1 billion users use the Gmail account across the world. This shows how Gmail is popular in today’s world. However, the chances of the occurrences of the Gmail error is rare. But, many Gmail users reported that they see an error message Gmail error 76997. Generally, this error code occurs when you are trying to send a mail to more than one person at the same time. If you in are in thoughts that how to get rid of from this error issue, then you don’t need to worry. In this article, we are going to discuss the cause, symptoms as well as the methods to overcome this frustrating issue. Read on.

Causes Of Gmail Server Error 76997

If this error code 76997 pops up on the screen, then a user can face a lot of difficulties. Plenty of causes may be responsible for this error issue. Look below;

Multiple Email Recipients

Most of the time this error code 76997 occurs when you are trying to send an email to the multiple users at the same time. As a result, your Gmail account may be slow and this issue generates.

Bad Internet Connection

If you have a bad internet connection, then it can waste your most of the time for loading your Gmail page and sometimes, for this reason, your system may deal with this troublemaker error code 76997

Cache As Well As Cookies Data

Occasionally due to an extreme amount of cache data this error 76997 may show on your display.

Browser Update

Your usable browser needs a continuous update. If you do not upgrade the browser you use for a long time, then also you might see this error 76997 on your screen.

Antivirus Protection

Sometimes, the antivirus that you installed on your computer can create a problem for you when you are trying to use your Gmail account.

Gmail Extensions

Sometimes, due to the unnecessary Add and the third-party software, you can see this error code on your Gmail account.

Now, you should also identify the symptoms of this error code 76997. So that you can be assured that yes, the Gmail error 76997 occurs on your Gmail account.


A user can face this error 76997 at any time. But, it can lead to several technical glitches. The user cannot able to solve these technical glitches on their own. In such cases, they need a technical expert. Now, look at the signs of his error.

  • After generating this error a Gmail user cannot send a mail to anyone
  • Your machine will continuously freeze
  • You will not able to sign in on your account

Here are some resolving solutions are given that can help you to troubleshoot this issue.

Solutions You Should Apply To Fix Gmail Error #76997 Issue

To solve the Gmail issue go through the solutions below:

Clear The Cache Data

Usually, if you clear all the corrupt files, as well as you, uninstall all the faulty driver, then your Gmail account can go back to normal. So, try this solution first and after that, check if the issue solved or not. If not, then go to the next one.

Update The Browser

You have to check whether your usable browser which you use to work with your Gmail account is outdated or not. If you detect that this is the reason for the occurrence of this issue, then you need to update your browser. So do it, and if you still suffer from the Gmail error code 76997 issue, have a look to the below method.

Temporary Disable The Antivirus

Sometime, your security software may prevent your computer from accessing or stop your Gmail to send or receive a mail. In short, this can be a possible reason for this error code. In such cases, what you do is to simply disable your antivirus as well as all the application that may run in the background. Do the needful. After that, in the next startup try to operate your Gmail account without that error code.

Disable The Gmail Labs

If the labs of your Gmail account is enabled, then for this error issue may occur. In such cases, you should try to disable the Gmail labs and in case if the issue is not resolved, then go to the next solution.

Check Extensions

Other applications and third-party software such as various Adds that you may installed on your machine may stop your Gmail account from working. So, you need to check all the installed extensions. Now, you should try to disable the installed extensions one by one. Once you have done with that, then you should overcome from this Gmail error 76997 issue.

Rely On Us

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