Gmail is one of the best email services in the world. However, it still lags behind in terms of offering intuitive ways of sorting the inbox. Fortunately, there are some simple methods and workarounds that provide users a few more control over Gmail. Gmail sort by sender, is a process that is much helpful. It allows you to access the emails from a particular sender. This can be extremely helpful if you need to view emails sent from a particular email ID or a particular domain. If you want to know how to sort Gmail by sender then follow this article. Here, in this content, we have provided effective ways to sort your Gmail inbox.

How to Sort Gmail by Sender

There are several ways by which you can sort the Gmail messages of a specific sender and some of them are provided in this section. Have a look at them and try to perform them as advised.

View and Sort All the Recently Received Messages

If you have received an email from an individual recently, then you can use this method to sort out all of the emails sent by that individual.

  1. To start this method first locate that recently received mail.
  2. Then hover your mouse pointer over that email sender’s name.
  3. A pop-up box will instantly appear on your screen. On that box, you need to look for the email address of the sender.
  4. Now, copy that email ID and paste it on the search box of Gmail. Hit Enter.
  5. Now, a page will load on your Gmail which will contain a list of all the email sent by that person.

However, if you are unable to find your desired sender immediately then you can locate that individual by typing the person’s name or email address in the Gmail search box.

How to Sort Gmail by Sender According to Your Desire Parameters

Now, if you want to round up some specific emails which contain a certain word or doesn’t have that word then you can use this method to do it.

  1. To begin this method first, click on the down arrow sign which is present on the left side of the Gmail search box.
  2. A scroll down box will emerge on the page. On the box, you can type your desired word, subject, sender’s name, attachment size, date and time, etc to find the email and sender.
  3. Once you have decided what you want to type, enter that on the scroll down box and hit the Search icon.

After that, a page will load up on the web browser. That page will sort out a list of email, containing your desired word.

Sort out Particular Labeled Emails

Another way to sort out messages in Gmail is by labeling. That’s mean if you want to find and collect some specify sender whose emails you have already labeled then you can do it with the help of this method.   

To do this, you just need to click on the label tag in the email itself and a page will instantly load which will possess those labeled emails.

We hope that our suggestions are methods are helpful regarding your queries regarding how to sort Gmail by sender. For more tech-related information, stay tuned with our upcoming posts.

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