Are you thinking of syncing get all your emails easy to access and assembled through Outlook? Thankfully, it is possible. By doing this, you will make your job easier and you need not open your Gmail account online. Here, in this article, you will learn the complete method of “how to add Gmail to Outlook?” However, the method to do this is very easy, but it will make both of your accounts less secure. So, before proceeding it, it is better to think twice about the fact.

Now, let us proceed to the steps to add the Gmail account with the Microsoft Outlook:

How to add Gmail to Outlook?

You might always wonder the possibilities of getting a vast, reliable and efficient platform as Outlook, so that you can access your emails and exchange them without a single thought. Therefore, here we bring you the method by which you can easily add your Gmail account in your Outlook profile. So, let us begin the process.

Sign in to your Gmail Account

The first step to follow is you need to sign in to your Gmail Account. And the steps to follow to do this, are really easy and given below.

First of all, you need to launch a browser of your system. Then, with the use of it, navigate to the Gmail Sign in page. Here, at first, you need to enter your Gmail address, which is alike “”. After that, click on Next. And in this next opening page, you need to provide your Gmail password which is set for the same account ( Then, again hit on Next, to get signed in to your Gmail account. After that, proceed to these further steps to modify your Gmail accounts settings to complete the “how to add Gmail to Outlook?” process.

Modify your Gmail Account Settings

As you enter to your Gmail account, look at the right-hand side top-corner, you will visit a gear like symbol, click on it. Then, from this drop-down menu list, select Settings. After that, as your Gmail account Settings window gets open, tap on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab. Next, go to the “IMAP Access” section from this present window, and enable the checkbox which is beside to “Enable IMAP”. Further, scroll down this window and click on the “Save Changes” option. Then, go to the right-hand top section of your Gmail account page, and click on the circle, where you see your Gmail Profile Picture.

After completing this above step, you will see that a new window gets appear, from where click on “Google Account”. Then, from these available options under this next opening window, select the “Sign-In & security” section. Next, scroll down this “Manage your account access and security settings” opening window and come down to the end portion. In this, the end portion of this window, you will get a section as Allow less secure apps: OFF. After getting this, turn the slider in the opposite direction to activate the Allow less secure apps option. Then, close your Gmail account window, you can even Sign out from your account before doing this.

Utilize your Outlook Profile

After making the proper settings as explained earlier on your Gmail account, proceed to these further steps.

As you are in your Outlook profile, click on the File tab which is located at the top of this window. Then, take the cursor on “Account Settings” and click on the “Account Settings…” option from this pop-up window. After that, tap on “New”, which you will get at the top left-hand side corner below the Email tab, from this Account Settings generated window. After that, in the space which comes up enter your Gmail address, of which you want to connect with Outlook, as well as make these above changes to its settings. Then, click on Connect. After doing this, a new window will get appear, here you need to provide the password of your Gmail account. Next, again click on Connect to continue.

Further, by visiting the Account successfully added screen, click on Done, and then on close. These are the overall steps to follow to complete the process. In case, you are stuck in the “Modify your Gmail account Settings” process as explained above. Then, continue with the next section to learn the additional steps to perform to fix the issue and complete the process.

Additional Steps:

These below are the 2 stages which you need to follow in case you have any problem to run the normal process of adding your Gmail account up in your Outlook account.

Stage I:

During the “Modify your Gmail account Settings” process if you are not able to visit the “Allow less secure apps” section. Then, you need to perform some additional task which are as follows.

In this situation, you need to perform two-step verification. And the first step is, go to your Google Account page and click on the “Signing in to Google” option, which is present under Sign-in & security section of this left-hand side panel. Then, from this right-hand side section of this window, you will see that the “2-Step Verification” is ON. And then, click on the App Passwords option, this is to verify that it’s you. After doing this, you will see that the password verification window wil gets open. Here, provide your Gmail password and click on Next.

Now, from this next App passwords opened window, click on the box where you will see the Select app. After that, from this options menu, tap on “Others (Custom name)”. And here you can enter your chosen name, it is better to save the name as related to Outlook. After entering a name, click on GENERATE. Now, a Password has been generated, which is as XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Next, it is better to copy this password from this page for further use. And the steps to copy the password is very simple. To do this, just you need to highlight the password and press both the Ctrl and the letter “C” key at the same time.

Stage II:

The second step is to open your Outlook account and follow the path as above.

Account Settings> Account Settings> New> your Gmail address> Connect> paste (Ctrl+V) the password which has been copied earlier from Gmail account> Connect.

Further, click on Done and Close, that is the overall process to complete the “how to add Gmail to Outlook” process.

Hopefully, after going through the instruction of this article you are able to complete the “how to add Gmail to Outlook” process without any difficulty. Now, you are able to read your Gmail messages from your Microsoft Outlook account, without doing an extra job of opening the Gmail account.

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