Once you encounter the error code 116 on AOL, you’ll not able to receive or even send an email from your AOL mail account. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this glitch immediately. So, go through this post. Here we put up for you brief details on “How to fix AOL error 116?” In addition, this post will help you to resolve this issue in no time. Thus, we recommend you to stay on this page till the end.

AOL Error Code 116 – Why It Arises?

There are a couple of factors that responsible for such an AOL error. Therefore, here, in this post, we have enlisted the most annoying reasons due to which users are getting stuck with this glitch. Now, take a glace below and determine the root causes of this issue.

  • Some kinds of AOL errors can occur due to the corrupted or damaged Windows system files. Basically, this is the prime cause of this problem.
  • Besides, incomplete or corrupted installation of AOL can cause AOL error 116. Sometimes, corrupted uninstallation of AOL can also lead to this glitch.
  • Moreover, malware or virus can play a vital role and resulting such type of AOL error can arise.
  • Furthermore, there can be an issue with the Windows registry. If the Windows registry entries are get corrupted then, as a result, AOL issue can occur. Apart from the error 116, there can be some other error codes as well.

Because of these above-mentioned factors, one can encounter AOL error 116. Now, let’s move on to the troubleshooting section.

Efficient Solutions On “How To Fix AOL Error 116 Chat?”

Here, in this section, we have mentioned some efficient solutions in order to solve such AOL related issues. Therefore, simply go through the below-mentioned methods, but apply these methods in the same order given here.

Fix #1: Reinstall The AOL Software

In most cases, while installing the AOL software users encounter AOL error code 116. Or face some interruptions in the installation process. If you are in the same situation, then you need to uninstall the software first, then reinstall the latest version. You can perform this action by simply following the on-screen instructions. Once you are done, you need to make sure that there is no interruption in the installation process of AOL. Once it is complete, you can use the AOL software without any hassle.

Fix #2: System Restore

Although, taking regular system backup is a foremost step, but you should ignore it. The system backups are pretty useful when you encounter any error while using the AOL service. So, using the regular backups you take, you are advised to restore the system using the regular backups. But, if you don’t make the system backup on regular basis then, you can use the Windows Recovery Disk. This is an in-build too which comes with your system.

Fix #3: Check Your Username & Password

If the above fixes don’t work for you, then you need to check your username and password. To do this process, simply go through the below steps:

  • Actually, the passwords are case-sensitive. Thus, while tying the password, you need to be sure that you don’t have the CAP’s lock key On.
  • Then, click on the Start option, and point to Connect To option.
  • After that, tap on your dial-up connection and where you need to be sure that you have entered your full username. If not, enter the Username once again.
  • Now, re-type the password and hit the Enter button.
  • Finally, you might be resolved the 116 error.

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