Among all the email services providers, both AOL and Gmail are pretty popular names. There are a number of likely reasons for which the users choose to migrate from AOL to Gmail. For example, at times, AOL’s database connectivity is somehow being slow, and as a result, the users are facing a problematic situation while they trying to send or receive any message. Apart from this,  there are some other reasons for which users are willing to switch over to Gmail from AOL. Therefore, in order to help out from this critical situation, we come with some generic ways that can help you to know “How to forward AOL mail to Gmail?”

Via the auto-forward method, you might forward all your emails from AOL to Gmail. In that time, those messages are stored by Gmail in one place only. Since AOL doesn’t have this useful feature, thus, it is better to fetch the emails by setting up a Gmail account from the AOL server. Moreover, in this way, you can also set up the services to preserve the local images of all the messages. And this way you can access your emails.

How To Forward Mail From AOL To Gmail?

In order to forward AOL mail to Gmail, you need to follow the below-mentioned methods. Therefore, take a look right below:

Approach #1: Transfer Mails Manually

You can transfer the mails on a manual basis. To do so, from the inbox of Gmail, first, hit the Gear button and then, navigate to the Settings. Now, you need to access the same for your mail account. Once you are done, look for and select the Accounts. Now, you need to make sure that the account you choose uses POP3. In that case, in the text bar, you can access the entire email address. Then, for synchronizing email messages to your Gmail account, you need to choose the email message setup. When done, you need to merge your AOL account with Gmail, to do so, click on the Add Account button and then, follow the further on-screen directions in order to finish the process.

Approach #2: Auto- Forward

If the above-mentioned approach doesn’t help you, then you can try out this. To perform this action, you need to sign in to your AOL mail first. After that, on your new account, simply perform the setup mail forwarding process. Now, all the AOL emails to the Gmail account will automatically redirect.

To do this process, at the upper-right side of the page, you need to go to the Settings first. Then, navigate to the Accounts & Import section, where you need to merge link of a mail account (using POP3) on your own.

Once you perform this action, in the address bar, you need to enter the correct AOL email id. Then, you will get a verification code that you need to place on the code box. Once you are done, click on the OK button in order to complete the further process.

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