Gmail users often report that they are unable to download attachments from Gmail in Chrome. The documents prevent the downloading process after choosing to save them in the hard disk of the computer. 

If you also stuck with the same problem, then you need to solve this immediately to use the Gmail service properly. 

Gmail Won’t Download Attachments [Easy Hacks To Fix]

There are several ways to get rid of this problem. You can have a look at the methods described below: 

Fix 1: Update the Chrome 

If you are using an outdated version of Google Chrome, then it might be the reason behind the problem. To solve this, you can update the Chrome browser by following the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First of all, open the Chrome browser on your computer. 
  2. Navigate to the upper right pane of Chrome and click on its Menu button. 
  3. Click on the ‘Update Google Chrome’ option. 
  4. Wait for a few seconds until the updating process completes. 
  5. Select the Relaunch button to end the task. 

But, if you are unable to get the ‘Update Google Chrome’ option, it indicates that you are using the latest version of the Chrome browser. In that case, you can move on to the other solutions described below. 

Fix 2: Untick the ‘Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk’ option

Another solution you can perform is to uncheck the ‘Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk’ box from the Settings window. To do this, you can take a quick glance at the steps given below : 

  1. First, press the Cortana taskbar button and then type “internet options’ in the search bar. 
  2. Afterward, hit the Enter key from the keyboard to open the ‘Internet Options’ window.
  3. Next, navigate to the Advanced tab. 
  4. Lastly, untick the ‘Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk’ box from the list appears on the next screen. 

Fix 3: Disable the Available Labs

Gmail provides several experimental settings in the Gmail Labs section. But, these experimental settings might not work every time. Hence, if you have selected a lot of settings on Gmail Labs, then uncheck those options that may fix the Gmail attachments issue. 

The fastest way to off such options is to add ‘labs=0’ at the end of the URL of the Gmail. Or if you prefer, you can also do this manually. 

How to Switch off Labs Settings Manually? 

To disable the Labs settings of Gmail, perform the following steps: 

  1. In the beginning, open Gmail and click on the Settings (gear-shaped) button. 
  2. Afterward, choose the ‘Settings’ option from the list to open the General tab. 
  3. Now, open the Gmail Labs options by going to the Labs tab.
  4. Next, click on the ‘Disable radio’ option to deselect those options. 
  5. Lastly, click on ‘Save Changes’. 

After applying the above steps, if you see that the issue still not fixed, then you can continue with the other solutions provided below. 

Fix 4: Turn the Antivirus Program Off

The antivirus program you are using on your computer may hamper both the webmail and Gmail service. To make sure that it is not the case, you can disable the third-party antivirus program. 

Usually, you can do this by right-clicking on the antivirus program from the system tray. Then, choose the ‘Disable’ option from the list. Or if you prefer, you also can do this from the Windows startup. To do this, follow the steps given below: 

  1. First of all, right-click on the Taskbar and then choose the ‘Task Manager’ option from the list.   
  2. Afterward, navigate to the Start-up tab. 
  3. Next, choose the antivirus program by scrolling down the list of options. 
  4. Then, click on the ‘Disable’ option. 

Thereafter, you can restart the system and then open Gmail. Try to download an attachment to check whether the problem has been fixed or not. 

Fix 5: Clear the Browser Cache Files

According to some tech experts, you can also solve this by clearing the cache of the browser. To clear the cache of the Google Chrome browser, you can follow the steps below: 

  1. First, open the Chrome browser and then click on the ‘Customized Google Chrome’ menu button from the upper right pane of the screen. 
  2. Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the list. 
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. 
  4. Afterward, check the ‘Cached images and files’ box. Then, click on the ‘Clear Data’ option. 

Now, restart the browser and check the can t download attachments from Gmail problem status.