When your Yahoo account is running slow or if you found a local computer or application issue, then you might notice that your Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

The problem might also appear if your email address is blocked due to some reasons. Apart from that, a slow internet connection or server authentication problem can also be responsible for this annoying situation.

In case you are struggling with the same problem, then follow this post in order to resolve the problem. So, let’s get started.

Easy Tricks to Resolve Yahoo Mail is not Receiving Emails:

These are a few fixes that might help you to resolve Yahoo mail not receiving emails. Therefore, simply perform the steps mentioned below.

#1. Incorrect Server Address

Sometimes, the problem appears due to the use of a third-party application. The problem is also related to the email server. Hence, check out the server address and ensure that you have filled the following addresses.

  • Pop server address: pop.yahoo.com
  • SMTP Server address: smtp.yahoo.com
  • Imap server address: imap.yahoo.com

After correcting the server address, check whether you are encountering the Yahoo mail receiving the email or not. 

#2. Check the Spam and Trash folder

If you are still not receiving the emails on your Yahoo mail, then check the Spam and Trash folder. Sometimes, the emails might move to the Spam and Trash folder. Hence, in this, you need to check those folders.

Now, transfer the email from the spam and trash folder to the Inbox. You can then change the password of your Yahoo account in such cases.

To change the password of your account, move to my Account section and then tap on the Settings section.

Now, click on the Change your Password option and then type the new password and then again type the same password in the confirm password section.

After changing the password of your account, check whether you are receiving the email on your Yahoo account.

#3. Email Address is Blocked

If you are still struggling with the same issue then, you need to check whether your email is in the email block list. May be your email address is blocked by some of the email service providers.

In case you found that your email address is in the block list, then it is advisable that delete your account and open a new one. 

#4. Filter Problem

At times, you might mistakenly create an email filter, for which your yahoo not receiving emails. Due to this, the emails might be moved to the Spam and Trash folder.

Therefore, we will suggest to check out the filter settings on your Yahoo email account. Hence, you need to locate the filter and delete it permanently from your device. Afterward, your Yahoo mail account will work properly without showing any error message.

Hopefully, you have read all the solutions properly and then now you can decide which is easy for you to perform in order to resolve the problem not receiving yahoo emails.