Yandex Mail is secure, and one of the smartest way to communicate. In fact, you are also getting 10GB of cloud storage with Yandex Disk. Email business is never easy or simple, it is very much possible to get stuck in some or other problems like Yandex mail not sending emails. Let us look at most of the potential errors you may be facing and how can we resolve in no time.

If you are encountering any problems like Yandex email not working or specifically Yandex mail not sending emails, call us on our toll-free number+1-866-5544-3322 and Yandex Mail Technical team will first analyze the cause of the problem and then provide you with a sustainable solution to it.

Most of the issues can easily fix if you are able to get the reason for the error and this can only happen if you can find good support team. I have listed the reasons for Yandex not sending emails.

Yandex Mail Not Sending Emails – Possible Causes

Yandex mail customer support

  • One of the reasons you are facing this problem is that the domain may or may not has been delegated from the registrar.
  • There might be invalid delegation settings.
  • The registrar has blocked the access to your domain.
  • Configuration for DNS records for the performance with Yandex email is either not done or might have done incorrectly.
  • Lastly, the domain registration has run out.

In order to fix the problem of Yandex mail not working, you will need to contact the domain administrator who has delegated the mailbox to you.

If you still fail to resolve the issue then you can contact us in Yandex Technical support toll-free number where our team will provide you fixes for all the issues.

Yandex Mail – Issues Arise During Sending Email

Remember that you may face some issues which arise at the time of sending emails from your Yandex Mail like Yandex mail not sending emails. Let check out some of the issues related to Yandex mail not working.

Yandex mail not sending emails

Getting Not Delivery Message

There might be a number of reasons why the Yandex server is giving a non-delivery message. The reasons are:

Empty Emails To Return Address

To control spam emails many times the recipient server use the sender’s verification. To check the existence of sender, the server sends an empty email to the return address. This happens when the server gets a message from a new server. Furthermore, at the time of sending these test emails, other issues may arise too.

Configuration Problem – SPF Records

When you are receiving emails the mail server of the recipient verifies the SPF records on the domain of the sender. This issue is arising because:

  • The configuration of additional SPF record
  • Misconfigured SPF record.

Just do the verification of the configuration of SPF record for the domain you are using.

Delivered To Recipient Spam Folder

You require configuring both the DKIM signature and SPF record for the domain. You will most definitely not face this issue after this procedure. In case you are still facing this issue reach us to Our Technical Team by calling us at a toll-free number +1-866-5544-3322 and they will handle the issue accordingly.

Delivered Emails Not Received

Yandex Mail Technical Support

Make sure that you have installed Yandex Mail right domain settings and you can get help by calling our Yandex Technical Support Team. Because of protection and security, you will receive text and email notification for any operations by the Yandex Mails.

Yandex Account – Common issue

The errors occurring frequently are all most common errors. Now let us check one of the most common issues you might face.

Number Changed or Added or Deleted – What to do?

In case you are getting a notification during your activity with the primary phone number then just take no notice. Because of protection and security, you will receive text and email notification for any operations by the Yandex Mails.

If there is no activity on your side and unexpected, then it indicates that some other person is accessing your Yandex Mail account. There is no need to panic and you can restore your access with the help of your phone number. Remember without the access to your primary phone number, for 30 days no hacker can make any change in the associated numbers.

Wrapping Up

Just like any other email services, Yandex Mail is not an exception when it comes to errors. As I have explained the reasons and simple fixes about unable to send emails from Yandex Mails.

When you are facing such issues or any other problem you and fail to get an immediate fix you can contact us at the toll-free number provided above to avail the services of Yandex Mail Technical Support. Our Dedicated Team will get back to you with most possible fixes.